Digital download

Digital download

All of our products in the shop are digital products!

This means that we do not send anything by post, but provide you with the product directly via email and instant download.

After the purchase you will be immediately redirected to a page where you can download your product. You will also receive an email with a download link.

This not only gives you your product faster, but also helps to avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

Instructions for download:

Below you will find a brief description of how best to use the products.

Products in JPG format

Products are sent in JPG format.

You can open and download or save these with any photo program on your computer/laptop or a photo app on your smartphone.

You can then print it out.

Products in PDF format

Products are sent in PDF format.

Most PCs/laptops already have a PDF reader installed. If this is not the case with your device, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program HERE .

For your smartphone you can download the free app subscription Acrobat Reader HERE .

You can then print out your products or open and fill them out directly on your PC/smartphone using Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can find instructions here.

Products in ZIP format

  1. What is a ZIP file?

Due to the size of digital products, it may be easier to compress them so you can download them faster. A ZIP file is a summary of one or more files compressed into one file.

  1. How do I open a ZIP file?

On the PC or laptop, right-click the folder and select "Extract All". This will create a new folder on your desktop where you can now open all documents.

Note on smartphones:

Smartphones may have problems opening ZIP files. Since this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, we do not recommend downloading via mobile phone.

Nevertheless, there are some apps that allow you to open a ZIP folder on your smartphone:

Apps to open/unzip on smartphone for Android: Easy Unzip

Apps to open/unzip on smartphone for Apple: Easy Unzip 

  1. Where is the download saved? Can't find your download file?

You can find your files in the download folder on your PC or laptop. Files are often stored hidden on smartphones. However, you can also find them in the download folder.

The Downloads folder in Chrome is under Settings --> Downloads.

The Downloads folder in Firefox under Settings --> Tools --> Downloads.